Art & Cultural Talk - Salesforce APAC HQ

Making art isn’t a job for me, it has never been. It is a joy, it’s a meditation and it has got me through, and continues to get me through some very challenging times when my body doesn’t do what it’s meant to.

Being able to speak about these things with other humans allows connection and engagement, with the arts, with Culture and with life.
No one has it perfect, but we live and love and learn through stories and sharing. I feel very honoured to share my artworks and my book with these amazing humans.
Uncle Ray was with me as always, and we got to see our Country together from the 38 floor! We could see from George Street all the way to the heads.

Thanks so much for having me Salesforce for winning the “who’s got the biggest Konstantina artwork” award! This one is definitely my biggest!!

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