207 Kent Street, Sydney

This original work was created using sustainably foraged ochres from Gadigal Country at what is now known as Dawes Point. The ochres were crushed, then milled and reduced to the finest powder to create the base pigment for the hand made paint you see as the background layering on this work. This artwork is literally created from Country and it also highlights one of greatest Cultural uses for ochre in times gone by. Konstantina has been researching intensely with the Koori Librarians at the Mitchell Library in Sydney to confirm the exact markings of both scarification on our mob [Gadigal] (men, women and youth) but also our paint up markings using ochres and what they mean. 
This design outline is one of the more prominent mens markings for corroboree - a coming together of many people from many tribes and places for the promotion of our peoples greater good. Whether it be for trade, ceremony or inter-tribe yarns this paint up design was what our Gadigal men wore proudly and distinguished them from others.

Designed by Unless You Will