Yagu, Gadigal dulumi, Gadi yuwing ngubadi (Sydney, 2024)

As a descendant of the Gadigal, I am passionate about my language, Culture and histories, much of which have been lost, misplaced or manipulated since the dawn of Colonisation. As such, my practise is heavily interconnected with my mob and their oral histories and married with my academic research. My artwork is heavily rooted in both and my artworks are a physical manifestation of these stories and histories, a document in time to reconnect me to my people, and my people - the Gadigal to our rightful Country.

The Gadigal are, and have always been, a good graced mob.

The evidence of this is clear in the way we share our Culture with others, in the way we have welcomed our neighbouring Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal brothers and sisters to our land and resources. We occupy the Country of first Colonial occupation, our numbers have dwindled due to this occupation, introduced illness, scarcity of resource, and outright persecution. We have, and continue to exist.

There is an oft beguiled rhetoric that the Gadigal are no longer; that our stories and Culture occupy only the assuages of history. This is untrue and incorrect.

The Gadigal occupy these walls today with our stories, we are honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to welcome you and invite you to share in our Culture.

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